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Feverish Fan of Fever Tree

Brendan Williams - April 2021

I'm a burning hot fan of Fever Tree. It's a disruptor brand that broke the rules of the boring old mixer segment a few years ago. Schweppes had long dominated the segment but chose to value engineer the product, ingredients, packaging and process which left a fairly woeful drinking experience. Then Fever Tree came along with all the swashbuckling premium provenance you could ask for. With local, ethically sourced ingredients, hand picked in exotic locations, people couldn't wait to taste it. The rest is history.

Fever Tree proves that 'products are made in factories but brands are built in the mind' - Walter Landor.

It's a great brand name that cherishes the idea that mixed drinks should be enhanced, not spoiled by the mixer. Fever Tree adds premium depth to the mixed drinks experience. And looking forward, it's a brand with plenty of geographic and portfolio expansion ahead.

A few years ago, I spent some time talking to Fever Tree about how the business could grow. Along the way, I created a video to express some ideas. Unfortunately it never got finalized but it's worth sharing with you as an inspiration piece. Some of the ideas aren't well expressed but isn't it nice to dream of growth?!!


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