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Taste Experience 

People have historically had to compromise on taste to enjoy no-low alcohol drinks but not anymore.

Brewing and flavor technology and a fresh focus on the segment have improved taste significantly.

No-low drinks are now being driven by familiar trends toward discovering ingredients, stories of provenance, artfully expressed taste profiles, and stories of craftsmanship. 


Consumers and shoppers are more connected than ever. They have huge amounts of information at their fingers tips and can build a lot of knowledge about new products like no-low quickly.

The influence of social media platforms, online food delivery, and e-commerce are all driving rapid adoption of no-low alcohol adult drinks, especially with younger consumers seeing it as a positive choice.

Health and Wellness

Younger drinkers in particular are making healthier choices in the products they eat and drink. Alcohol-free, much like sugar-free and gluten-free, is a small but positive choice they can make to have a positive impact on their health and the world. Drinking no-low alcohol drinks allows people to enjoy a greater range of choice in drinking occasions and not compromise on what they do afterwards.

In that sense, drinks marketing has to evolve to focus on the positive benefits of no-low, not the absence of alcohol.

No-Low Trends 

Most brewers and drinks businesses agree that the no-low beer segment will grow to 10% to 20% of the total category within the next 10 years.

In countries like Spain and Sweden, the alcohol-free beer segment is now well over 12% of the total beer category and growing fast. In regions like Asia, no-low is only starting it’s journey but promises to be just as big. Other drinks categories such as spirits and wines are likely to experience similar growth on a global scale.

This is a multi-billion pound incremental opportunity for those with a desire to have the best thinking and fastest speed to market. 

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