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Listen to Brendan speak on the Business of Beverages Podcast

In this episode you'll learn how a leading global expert codifies the growth drivers for alcohol free beer, one of the fastest growing categories in the drinks industry. Brendan Williams has over 20 years experience in the drinks business but began to specialise in Non Alcoholic beer when he headded up the global category for Carlsberg during a period of rapid expansion and innovation. Brendan now operates The Free Consultancy, giving the benefit of his insights to clients, large and small, as they attempt to expand one of the fastest growing market segments. Brendan breaks down his approach for us and gives clear, actionable pieces of advice that are widely relevant beyond just non alc. We also welcome another guest to our "Desert Island" where they can choose to bring only one drink with them. This time we hear from Paul Matthew the founder of Everleaf non alcoholic aperitifs. Paul explains the motivation behind creating the drinks and debates the challenges in guiding consumers to drink a style of beverage most have never tried before. On top of all that that, Foxy and Will reflect on their live Business of Beverages session in Dublin at the Grub & Gargle Festival at The Circular, they also talk about Foxy's birthday and how to become and Organoleptic Psychologist! Please take the time to give us a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts. Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on... thanks.

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Business of Beverages is self-funded and hosted/ edited/ independently produced by Will Keating. Pádraig Fox co-hosts in a personal capacity. All opinions are those of the person expressing them at all times. Recorded at Hellfire Studios.

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